Memories ….the one thing that cannot be taken, sold, lost or stolen. 

That’s why I love photography. It’s an opportunity to capture moments in time that can be relived later in life through the images I create. It’s important for me to capture those special moments for the people I serve...people like you.

Hello! My name is Marty. I am a happily married man to a wonderful and loving wife, the father of 5 children, and now Papa to 9 grandchildren. I have a big and beautiful family. So, from experience, I know just how precious life is with family, and all the wonderful memories that are made throughout the years. From a young age I have always carried a camera to capture whatever I saw. Later in life I was inspired by my wonderful children. It's amazing how much more of the world one can see through the eyes and lives of children. I thank each one of them for what they have shown me simply by living life. Now that have have grown I get to take all  that I have been taught and learned and make a living doing what I love. 

So I welcome you to my website and invite you to take a look around.  See the memories I have created for others and know that I will do the same for you.